Michael Buble Is On The Way

Slick, cool and composed are just some of the ways to describe Canadian crooner Michael Buble. The affable entertainer, who will headline the Wachovia Center Tuesday, has the looks, talent and charisma.        It’s hardly surprising that Buble has sold more than 25 million albums.       “I’ve been very fortunate,” Buble said. “I’ve gotten more than my share of breaks.”      But the hardworking Buble has made things happen for himself. He’s out behind his seventh album, ‘Crazy Love,’ which dropped in October.       The disc is another stylish collection of classic covers. Buble tries his luck with such standards as ‘Cry Me a River,’ ‘All of Me’ and ‘Georgia on My Mind.’       “Every album I make is challenging,” Buble said. “I’ll just go out and have fun with the songs.”       Buble, 34, is one of the most popular performers on the circuit. He sells out arenas and is one of those rare performers, who can be counted on to make platinum-plus albums but he doesn’t get much airplay.      “That’s alright with me,” Buble said. “The reason for that is that I’m a live performer. I think if you want longevity in this business, you have to be a live performer. People know what they get when they see me. Look at all the acts that are doing well. The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, bands like that are acts that play well and draw people to shows. They’re great at what they do onstage. I think that’s very important. It’s how it was when the musicians who played my music did it back in the day.”       The two-time Grammy Award winner sings Big Band style numbers. It’s a sound he’s been consumed with since he was a child coming of age in Vancouver, B.C.       “My grandfather played the music for me and I just fell for it,” Buble explained. “I’m a sentimental person and the lyrics are quite sentimental. The melodies are terrific. The songs are just beautiful and I fell for them and never let them go.”      Buble couldn’t help but go from fan to professional singer. “It was such a natural thing for me,” Buble said. “It was perfect for me. I was filling a niche and even more so I thought this could get me laid. I thought this was a cool thing. I wasn’t following in everyone’s footsteps. I was being irresponsible. I wasn’t following the rock band of the week just because everyone else was. I had something that was mine. I fell for timeless music.”        It worked out well for Buble, who trusted his gut and stuck with Big Band, even though he was advised against going retro.      “I was told that I should join a boy band, sing rock or pop,” Buble said. “I was told that no one would listen to me sing this style of music. I was told Harry Connick Jr. is in position to sing this music and that I’ll never succeed. I guess I’m having the last laugh.”


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