The Nuge and Phil C. Downsize

The word is that when you get older, you actually shrink. I guess that applies to most aging rockers as well. ‘70s relics Ted Nugent and Phil Collins used to headline arenas but they have downsized, which is what most folks do when the kids leave home, to theaters.      Uncle Ted will play Saturday at the Electric Factory and Phil C. will pull a two-nighter, Sunday and Monday at the same venue.     Say what you will about Nugent and people will talk about the vocal right-winger, who makes Bill O’Reilly seem liberal.      The Nuge has always been a character and he is even wackier as he approaches his golden years. The guy trashes Green Day, still somehow backs former President George W. Bush and is a total caricature.       Collins is fairly sedate when compared to Nugent but who isn’t? Collins is one of the many long of tooth performers, who threatens to retire but can’t pull himself away from performing and the massive checks. Expect an avalanche of hits from Nugent and Collins and lots of banter and flag-waving from the former.


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