Courtney Love Savagely Ripped

You don’t see that many savage reviews anymore but the Washington Post certainly beat up Courtney Love after a performance by her band Hole in the nation’s capital last week.     The reviewer, David Malitz, clobbers the enigmatic Love. “Imagine a Hole concert that doubles as a complete Courtney Love meltdown.” Malitz went on to trash Love for being unprepared and just lost sonically and lyrically.     Since I was out of town last week, I missed the Hole show at the Electric Factory. I caught Love in Austin during South By Southwest in March. Yes, she was sloppy and combative but that’s her.      Not to condone a performance, which is an absolute disaster but what do people expect from Love? At her peak she was unpredictable. While away last week, I tuned into a new VH1 ‘Behind the Music’ that focused on Love.        It was a reminder of how messy her public and private life has been even before she became a rock star during the early-90s.  Love is a rarity today. She’s outspoken and outlandish. She is taking some unnecessary shots on the chin due to her past. Hole’s comeback album, ‘Nobody’s Daughter ‘ isn’t great but it’s decent. But some reviewers completely trashed it, most likely in part due to Love’s personality and colorful past.     Love is a sad story. She lost her iconic husband Kurt Cobain to suicide, custody of her daughter Frances Bean on more than one occasion and her former bandmates. She may have lost her grip on reality. She has been gone for years and now she’s back but apparently she is still troubled. It’s a shame and it makes you wonder, where is Amy Winehouse?

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