The Trouble With Creed

When bands break-up, sometimes rock scribes or fans don’t get it.
But when Creed splintered in 2004,  I felt as if I completely
understood. During a 1999 interview with Scott Stapp, Creed’s vocalist
droned on forever about how he sang ‘With Arms Wide Open’ while his
wife was giving birth to their son, Jagger. No wonder his ex divorced
this self-important blowhard. It was hardly shocking that his
bandmates left Stapp and formed Alter Bridge.
But Creed has reformed. Apparently there is some inexplicable
nostalgia for angst without a cause rock, which covers Creed’s place
in the music universe.
Creed is
touring behind ‘Full Circle,’ its first album in eight years. The
title of the disc is as predictable as the band’s songs.
Expect a healthy dose of fresh material and an array of the
band’s ‘90s hits. ‘My Own Prison,’ ‘Higher’ and ‘My Sacrifice,’ which
still get plenty of play on frat-rock radio.
The band owes its career to Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam. Creed
is the epitome of post-grunge. Wonder what these guys would be doing
if the Seattle scene didn’t happen.
The overly earnest Stapp, who worships at the temple of Eddie
Vedder is a pretty serious dude onstage. But on one can be as serious
as the group’s non-ironic material.
When you go to the show, remember, it’s not a reunion. According
to Stapp, it’s a rebirth. That’s deep, man.


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