Kiss Plants One on Camden

During its hey day, Kiss was introduced as ‘The Hottest Band in the World.’       It’s not surprising that the cartoonish rock band has dubbed its jaunt, the ‘Hottest Show on Earth Tour,’ which stops Friday at the Susquehanna Bank Center.         “There’s a good reason that we went with that name for our tour,” drummer Eric Singer said while calling from Los Angeles. “We’re still a hot act. No band brings it like Kiss.”        The veteran band, which continues to be led by vocalist-guitarist Paul Stanley and vocalist-bassist Gene Simmons, still play the big arenas and sheds around the country. The ‘Kiss Army’ continues to support the band and its contingent is expanding.      “We’re seeing a lot of younger fans come out to our shows,” Singer said. “So we have the older and definitely the younger, who are so enthusiastic.”        The veteran Kiss fans have introduced the kids to such anthemic staples as ‘Detroit Rock City’ and “Deuce.’ The group has little choice but to play the array of old chestnuts.       “We have played those songs countless times but they never get old to us,” Singer said. “We love to play ‘Black Diamond,’ ‘I Was Made For Loving You’ and ‘Love Gun.’ How can you not play the songs that made this band legendary? It’s a privilege to play Kiss classics. We love it.”      The members of Kiss are getting long of tooth. It’s probably not a bad time for the quartet to sport makeup.       “It’s part of the ritual,” Singer said. “We’re always pumped up to lay things out in a theatrical manner. It’s a cool thing going out in the makeup and the cool clothes.  This band has always been about being larger than life. There just aren’t many bands out there that are larger than life anymore. We’re living in an ordinary era and then you have Kiss, which is still all about being big.”         The shows aren’t just big. The Kiss concerts are lengthy. “We go out there every night and do two-hour plus shows,” Singer said. “I don’t know if we have a choice because we have so many songs to play. We’re getting older but we’ve been doing this for years and the guys in this band are in such good shape. But that’s what we have to be to pull off a show like you’ll see when we come to town. We go all out when we play so you experience a show that you’ll never forget.”


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