Celtic Tenors Can Sing Like Birds

There are quite a few acts with the name Celtic or  Tenor. It can be confusing for fans. However, don’t mix up the Celtic Tenors with the Irish Tenors. The former, who will perform tonight at the Sellersville Theater, are younger and hipper than the latter.

The Celtic Tenors are a classical crossover act.  The members of the act, James Nelson, Matthew Gilsenan and Daryl Simpson, are each classically trained but they have stepped over and tried their luck with pop-rock with their latest album, ‘Hard Times.’

The disc is hardly comprised of fluff. The Celtic Tenors picked a number of gems penned by some of the best in the business.

‘The Pilgrim: Chapter 33’ was written by the underheralded Kris Kristofferson. They nail Eric Clapton’s hit ‘Lay Down Sally.’ The act is wise enough to

tap into David Baerwald’s ‘Come What May.’

And then they make the safe but effective choice of covering a pair of Bob Dylan cuts ‘You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere’ and ‘Wanted Man.’

The Celtic Tenor’s golden pipes work wonders on Dylan’s wonderful songs. Good stuff.

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