Breeders Produce Again

The Breeders quietly marked their 20th anniversary in 2008 with the release of ‘Mountain Battles, which is just their fourth album.
Moving quickly isn’t the Breeders’ forte but unlike many of their late ‘80s peers, the group is still on the circuit.
Perhaps the Breeders have been around for so long since the group has been an on-again, off-again project or due to the bond of vocalist-guitarists Kim and Kelley Deal, who are identical twins.
“Kim and I work so well together,” Kelley Deal said while calling from Pontiac, Michigan. “We wish we could have put out more albums but it just didn’t work out that way.”
Well, the Breeders time has been usurped over the years by other activities. During the group’s early years, Kim Deal devoted time to the seminal Pixies. The celebrated Pixies  reunited in 2004 and is on a tour, marking the 20th anniversary of the group’s landmark album, ‘Doolittle’ which stops Tuesday at the Tower Theater
The Breeders were also on the backburner at times due to the Deals drug problems.
And the Breeders were tapped as curators of the All Tomorrow’s Party (ATP) festival, which was held in England in 2009.
“We haven’t always had the time for the Breeders but we’ve kept it together,” Kelley Deal said. “There’s just always something happening. A lot of time was consumed with ATP but that helped inspire us to make our EP.”
‘Fate To Fatal,’ the Breeders EP, which dropped in 2009, is a small sample of what the Deals can do. ‘Pinnacle Hollow’ is raw and visceral. ‘Chances Are,’ a Bob Marley cover is perhaps the prettiest song the Breeders have ever recorded.
“The EP just happened organically,” Kelley Deal says. “We knew we were doing ATP and we thought we should put out a single and one thing led to another. We always wanted to cover that Bob Marley song.”
The Breeders will showcase the EP and deliver cuts from their canon Friday at the First Unitarian Church,. “We’re going out and mixing up what we do live,” Kelley Deal says. “We go out there and just do what we want to do live. That’s what we’ve done for years. There’s no reason to stop now.”

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