Pixies Do More With ‘Doolittle’

‘Doolittle,’ the Pixies signature album did much for the world of alternative rock. The quirky quartet’s second album, which combines the abrasive and the melodic struck a deep chord in the alt-rock community.

Kurt Cobain and a myriad of other fledgling musicians were impacted by the varied, adventurous cuts, which hit in 1989.

In fact, Cobain didn’t want to release Nirvana’s breakthrough track, ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ since he thought the song would be identified as a blatant Pixies rip-off.

And then there was My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields, who ripped the album for the poppy and innocuous ‘Here Comes Your Man.’ Shields called the Pixies a sell-out.

‘Doolittle’ was just ahead of the alt-rock explosion of 1991, led by Cobain and Nirvana. The Pixies, comprised of a couple of volatile personalities, petered out within two-years of their genre’s massive commercial appeal.

Yes, the Pixies headlined 100,000 capacity festivals in Europe during their salad days. However, the band typically played clubs and small theaters during its early years in America.

That changed when the Pixies reunited six-years ago. The band sold out amphitheaters over a decade after they splintered. The 2004 tour grossed more than $14 million.

The Pixies is still around. The group has been on the road for more than a year on its 20th anniversary of ‘Doolittle’ jaunt, which stops Tuesday at the Tower Theater.

Don’t miss it. The Pixies are well worth catching.


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