Broken Social Scene Has Some Social Rules

Brendan Canning is all for technology but the vocalist-bassist of Broken Social Scene has had it with fans shooting or recording his band via cellphone and/or camera.       During the Vancouver band’s engaging showcase at Austin’s South By Southwest last March, Canning lashed out at rude fans blocking views by documenting BSS’s performance.       “Please put down the cell phones and cameras,” Canning said. “Please live in the moment. It’s annoying for us and those around you.”       Fans tucked away the gadgets and enjoyed the show, which was like one of those old school events, in which those in attendance actually paid attention to the band throughout the performance.       “That’s what we like,” Canning said from Austin. “I just don’t see the point of fans watching the show behind a camera. They miss out on what’s happening.”      There’s a lot going on throughout ‘Forgiveness Rock Record,’ Broken Social Scene’s latest album, which is lush, quirky and catchy. The Vancouver based band, which will perform Tuesday and Wednesday at the Theater of Living Arts, has crafted well-constructed songs, which includes a number of soaring anthemic songs.      The clever indie-rockers have combined humor and sadness throughout the project. “It’s a funny world we live in,” Canning said. “Anytime you check out the news, there’s some pretty bleak stuff there. But it’s kind of ridiculous complaining since we live in this wonderful Western world. There were a lot of topics to delve into and then there is the sonic side. The guitar parts came quickly. We rode with what was inspiring us. But the title of the album reflects what’s happening in our world. There are a lot of people pointing fingers and blaming each other. No one is interested in solving problems. We need to stop that and start fresh. That’s what we’re doing with this album. We’re starting fresh and just taking it from here.”      ‘Forgiveness Rock Record’ is a throwback since each of the songs is their own entities. The only common denominator is the raw emotion, which runs from track to track.       “We wrote a lot of different songs this time out,” Canning said. “We came up with close to 50 different songs and just selected what worked best.”      What works best for Broken Social Scene when it performs live is a loose, ramshackle manner upon hitting the stage. There’s an air of unpredictability at a BSS show, which is the anomaly these days. “We just have so much fun when we play live,” Canning said. “We connect with the audience and just play as hard as we can. It’s a good time for everyone in the venue.”     As long as you don’t bring your camera. “I think it’s just a better experience if you soak up the show,” Canning said. “You don’t need to film what we do. Just watching us in the moment is more than enough.”


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