We Are The Union Ready to Make Some Noise

When it comes to retro and contemporary music, We Are The Union does a fine job of splitting the difference. The Detroit punk band delivers a familiar visceral sound, which recalls seminal gritty bands from a generation ago and beyond. And the fiery act also offers a side that’s fresh and in the moment.       “We get a lot of ‘you guys sound like the music we grew up with but you also fit in right now,’” drummer Jim Margle said while calling from his Detroit home. “People seem to like that. What we make is a hybrid of sounds with a modern twist to it. Lots of bands are carbon copies of what’s happening on the radio these days and that includes punk bands. But we’re not following those bands. We’re a punk band but we’re certainly influenced by what has happened in Detroit.”      Like many of the bands, who grew up in the Motor City, We Are the Union, which will perform Sunday at the First Unitarian Church, felt the impact of The Stooges, the MC5 and even Motown.        “You can’ t discount Motown,” Margle said. “That’s so if you grew up here. That’s a sound that is incredible and will be around forever. Some of those melodies have affected us and then there is what Iggy Pop and the Stooges and the MC5 accomplished.  And then there was The Suicide Machines, which was such a great Detroit punk rock band. They had a huge effect on us.  But the intensity of all of those Detroit bands I mentioned has had an effect on us.”        We Are the Union, which also includes vocalist-guitarist Reed Wolcott, guitarist Ricky Weber, bassist Brandon Benson and trombonist Matt Belanger, is an energetic, engaging live band. “The live show is what it’s all about,” Margle said. “We put it all out there. We love recording but there is a certain freedom when you play live. You can do whatever you want when you hit the stage. To experience what we’re all about you have to come check out our show. You’ll see an intense band that will never compromise.”      Don’t expect We Are The Union to ever alter its sound to chase what’s happening on the charts. “We know that punk sells but we’re not going to be another band chasing after a certain style in order to hope for mainstream success,” Margle said. “We can’t help but be ourselves. We’re living in an image based music industry with guys in offices working out a marketing plan for bands. They want a band to look a certain way and sound a certain way but that’s not us. We play by our own set of rules and that’s kind of an old school punk thing. That just happens to work perfectly for us. We don’t care what anybody else is doing. We just care about what we’re doing. To me, that’s really punk.”

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