Lady Gaga Wows Capacity Crowd at Wells Fargo Center

It’s hard to believe that Lady Gaga was playing tiny clubs in Manhattan just four-years ago and is headlining SRO arenas these days.

“They told me I was not pretty enough,” Lady Gaga said Tuesday night during the first of two-sold out shows at the soldout Wells Fargo Center.

Her look was the subject back in the day when Gaga reportedly was told that she would be better off toiling as a songwriter but Gaga didn’t listen. She pushed the envelope.

“I’m a superstar,” Gaga said. “I was born that way.”

Gaga’s elaborate show is evidence that she performs like an old-school superstar.

The sensual 24-year old upstart, who is arguably the hottest pop sensation of the moment, is all about putting on a grand show.

She didn’t sport the controversial ‘meat dress’ that she wore for Sunday’s MTV Music Video Award show in which she won eight trophies but she did change costume ten times. She hoofed around the stage with a dozen dancers, who were flanked by five musicians and three backing vocalists.

Gaga with garishly yellow hair and exposed black roots provided plenty of eye candy. Gaga aka Stefani Germanotta wowed the capacity crowd whether in a black bikini or with a see through top with x’s over her breasts or while wearing something that resembled a nun’s habit.

Throughout the entertaining evening Gaga was certainly the spectacle.

There were a number of sketches throughout the concert. Some were amusing but many were just a bit too lengthy. Between the skits and Gaga’s numerous soliloquies, the show lacked momentum. Anytime one of Gaga’s catchy tunes infected the crowd with dance fever, it was time for the Gaga crew to slow things up with some theater.

Sure, Gaga, who claimed that she hasn’t slept in two-days thanks to the parties post MTV awards, getting chased by ‘The Fame Monster’ was fun during the sonic highlight ‘Paparazzi.’ Her piano ablaze during the ballad ‘Speechless’ was quite the sight. But there was a lack of flow.

What there wasn’t a lack of was Gaga saying ‘Philadelphia.’ She also tied Sebastian Bach for most expletives uttered during a performance in a South Philadelphia arena. The healthy amount of tweens in attendance got an earful and they also were privy to plenty of sexually suggestive bits.

What’s intriguing is that Gaga is so young. She is an exceptional writer, singer and performer. Gaga understands how to connect with an audience, which is uncommon these days. She’s charismatic, sexy and provocative and who knows how big of a superstar she will become?

She is also smart enough to continue on while the iron is hot. The clever diva informed the crowd that ‘Born This Way,’ her third album is finished. There is no word when the disc will drop. But odds are that the disc will arrive next year, followed by another tour.

It’s a safe bet that Gaga will try to top her massive production but maybe this time she might cut some skits in favor of a tighter show. Maybe with three albums in the can, she’ll have to do just that.


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