The Return of the Deftones

It feels like an eternity since the Deftones ’Saturday Night Wrist’ dropped. The Deftones, have gone four years between albums. The Sacramento based band finally completed its latest project, ‘Diamond Eyes,’ which dropped in May.

The reason for the delay between albums is due to injuries bassist Chi Cheng sustained in a car accident in 2008. Cheng was in intensive care for six months and is still not back with the band due to his recovery.

The Deftones continued on by tabbing Quicksand bassist Sergio Vega. While dealing with the reality of Cheng’s situation, the band recorded an albums worth of songs but scrapped them.

“We can’t put anything out unless it’s up to a certain standard,” vocalist-guitarist Chino Moreno said. “It’s alright to write and record a song and not use it. You can only release the best of what you come up with.”

The Deftones, which will open for Alice in Chains Saturday at the Susquehanna Bank Center, is satisfied with ‘Diamond Eyes,’ which dropped in May.

The disc is quintessential Deftones. It alternates from somber to menacing. Much of that has to do with two strong characters in the band, Moreno and guitarist Stephen Carpenter.

Moreno keeps that melodic, melancholy Cure-influenced side to the Deftones’ music. While Carpenter, who loves heavy riffs, is an inveterate headbanger, who loves his power chords.

“There’s room for a variety of sounds with this band,” Moreno said. “I think we have a great balance with this band. The thing is that when we put it all together, nobody sounds like the Deftones. That’s the cool thing about all of the (sonic) elements that are part of our mix. It helps make us an indentifiable, unique band. We’ve been that for years. It’s just good to be getting back on track. We need to be making music and touring. That’s what we live for. We need to do our thing, which is make the best music possible.”


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