Patty Larkin Hits 25

It’s not uncommon for veteran recording artists to re-record songs for an album. Patty Larkin did just that with ’25,’ which features 25 songs, that span her career, which started a quarter century ago.      What is uncommon is to invite about 25 singer-songwriter pals to contribute to an album. Larkin did just that with ’25.’      Suzanne Vega, Chris Smither, Jonatha Brooke, the Nields, Dar Williams, Lucy Kaplansky and Shawn Colvin, just to name a few, added their talents to the disc.       “I thought I would ask four or five people, to come out” Larkin said while calling from her suburban Boston home. “I thought some people would say no but just about everyone said yes. Well, it just made things interesting.”        The combination of Larkin’s pals and some nice re-arrangements added different colors to the songs. “I gave everyone carte blanche to do what they wanted to do when they came out to work on this.,” Larkin said. “So the songs all sound pretty different. I feel like they are all so different to me, especially the early songs.”       Larkin, who will perform Thursday at Puck in Doylestown, was taken aback when re-recording ‘Cupid’s Knee.’ The lyric ‘It’s a Tougher Game When You Start Getting Old’ has more meaning for her at 59 than it did when she wrote the song 30 years ago.      “It’s funny how that is,” Larkin said. “I guess it is tougher in some ways now but it’s also easier in some ways now than it was then. Right now, It’s easier since I’m not dating. I have friends in their ‘50s, who are dating and it’s difficult. I’m happy with my partner and my children.       Larkin, who is a lesbian, has two daughters, 9 and 6. “The harder part now is that you have to be more organized than ever,” Larkins said. “I don’t have time to mess around. I have so many hours for work and then time for the kids. It’s rewarding. I just have a lot of budgeting to do.”      The playful Larkin is working on a new album. “I’m writing some new songs,” Larkin said. “I’ve been inspired. I have lots to write about but I’m primarily focusing on these shows. I’m at a really good point in my life. I’m able to do what I love and I have a family that is just terrific. If I had known 25 years ago that life would be like this I would have been pretty happy.”


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