Teenage Fanclub Deserves a Bigger Fanclub

Nearly 20 years have passed since the halcyon days of 1991. The shift in music was tangible. Alternative rock pricked the hair metal bubble and as bands such as Poison and Motley Crue were sinking, groups such as Nirvana and My Bloody Valentine were rising.

A month after Nirvana’s breakthrough disc ‘Nevermind’ kicked off a musical revolution, Teenage Fanclub released its second album, ‘Bandwagonesque.’

The disc is arguably the best reviewed album of that turning point of a year in pop music. The disc wasn’t something that disaffected youth could rally around ala ‘Nevermind.’ The album was not a sonic breakthrough like ‘Loveless,’ the high-water mark from My Bloody Valentine.

However, ‘Bandwagonesque’ is a pop gem filled with melodic songs, gorgeous harmonies and big riffs. It appeared to be the band’s ticket to stardom, if rock critics, who raved about the album, could be trusted.

Well, apparently radio sells more product than music scribes. The Scottish band, which will play tonight at the Trocadero, never became stars in America. But they have been one of the most consistent acts of the last 20 years.

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