It’s Time To Go To Sellersville

Hats off to the Sellersville Theater for some booking coups. The beautiful, intimate theater has raised its game by scoring sensational singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile, who will perform Monday night.
The following evening Fountains of Wayne makes its debut in Sellersville. The cerebral band crafts provocative, catchy songs. Who else rhymes ‘heart of gravel with Liberty Travel?’ It’s all there on the exceptional cut ‘Denise.’
One-man band Keller Williams will perform October 21 and singer-songwriter Shawn Colvin comes in October 23.
The recording artist range is tremendous. Alternative icon Bob Mould of Husker Du and Sugar fame will perform November 10. Former Soul Coughing bard M. Doughty will perform December 2.
On the other side of Mould and Doughty is doo wop master Kenny Vance and his Planotones, who will perform November 26.
Vance was masterful during a performance in Sellersville last December. “The Sellersville Theater is just a gorgeous, gorgeous venue,” Vance said. “Who wouldn’t want to perform at a place like this? I’ll come back as often as they’ll have me.”

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