There’s No Like Matisyahu


On paper, Matisyahu comes across as a very different figure on the pop-rock scene. The vocalist-beatboxer practices Hasidism. He doesn’t perform on Friday evenings to observe the Jewish Sabbath.
Matisyahu, 31, sports a black suit, with a black brimmed hat with a full, lengthy beard.
However, the soft-spoken but engaging Matisyahu has much in common with the masses since he loves music.  Matisyahu was an aficionado back when he was known as Matthew Miller. He was captivated by such groups as Phish and God Street Wine while coming of age during the ‘90s. But these days Matisyahu makes music. The charismatic performer, who will perform Wednesday at the Theater of Living Arts, is working on a new album. He records challenging songs and is a great live performer. If you haven’t caught Matisyahu yet, you’re missing out.


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