Ticket Prices May Go Down But Not For These Acts

The word is that tickets will go down in 2011 but don’t expect Bon Jovi tickets to ever plummet. The veteran New Jersey pop-rockers, who will perform at the Wells Fargo Center in March, was the top touring act of 2010. Bon Jovi grossed $108 million in America and $201 million worldwide.

The old school players comprised most of the top 10. AC/DC raked in $177 million, while Roger Waters is third with $90 million. Paul McCartney generated $61 million and the James Taylor/Carole King tandem netted $50 million. Such youngsters as Lady Gaga, John Mayer and Michael Buble also made the list.

Speaking of McCartney, the Macca was kind enough to recently play London’s cash-strapped 100 Club. All proceeds went to the venue. 300 fans dropped about $100 to catch the intimate show. It’s the smallest venue McCartney played since he returned to Liverpool’s Cavern Club in 1999.



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