The Year in Review-2010


A bad back, a regrettable interview and a new teen dream are just some of the items, which topped music news in 2010. The music business is changing. Major label companies are shrinking, independent labels are on the rise and illegal downloading is rampant.  There’s more music out there than ever, thanks to a DIY world and there was as much interesting news as music over the last year.
Professional athletes are often tops when it comes to hanging themselves by their own words. Musicians are usually a lot more careful when it comes to verbal selection. And then there is John Mayer, who offered some very candid comments during an interview with Playboy in February that he wishes he could take back.
Mayer called former girlfriend Jessica Simpson ‘sexual napalm,’ dubbed his penis ‘a white supremacist’ and dropped the ‘n’ word. Mayer apologized for his revelatory views but he stopped short of issuing a mea culpa when it comes to his milquetoast music.
The tour of the year never made it here thanks to Bono’s balky back. The U2 frontman’s sacroiliac was injured back in May during a rehearsal in Munich. U2’s Philly show at Lincoln Financial Field, which is now slated for July, was postponed due to Bono’s back surgery.
U2’s 360 tour appears on track to break The Rolling Stones ‘Bigger Bang’ tour, which netted $558 million from 2005-07. U2 is projected to top the $600 million mark when the jaunt finally ends. Good for U2, which is arguably the most consistent rock band with 30-plus years of service.
‘Fame Monster’ is an apt title for Lady Gaga’s latest release. No one had a bigger year than Gaga, who is a fascinating pop figure. Gaga racked up $116 million on a 122-date tour. Virtually every show was SRO. When she wasn’t racking up cash, she was stealing headlines with her provocative ideas. Folks are still taking about the ‘meat dress’ she sported during the MTV Video Music Awards.
There’s always a teenage pop star but few have been bigger than Justin Bieber, who thanks to Youtube has skyrocketed ever so quickly. The 16-year old Canadian singer, who has the most famous haircut this side of Jennifer Aniston, dropped ‘My World 2.0,’ which is the fifth best selling album of 2010. Bieber, who is selling out arenas, has already published a memoir. Could it be more than 40 pages? A 3-D Bieber film will come your way in February, which will certainly trump the Super Bowl. However, by 2013, will fans still remember Bieber or will he be like the winner of American Idol 2009, i.e. forgotten?
It’s a good bet that one teen idol that won’t go away is Taylor Swift. The country-pop star’s latest album, ‘Speak Now,’ sold more than a million copies in its first week in October. (Who says nobody buys CDS?) The Berks County native appears to have the goods to be around for the long haul.
The Beatles joined the Itunes revolution in November. Apple revealed that two-million individual songs and 450,000 full albums were sold during the first week (Who buys CDs anymore?)
Bret Michaels nearly joined a number of his ‘80s hair metal peers by almost checking out in April.  The Poison vocalist/reality star was rushed to the hospital due to a brain hemorrhage.
“I was sitting on the couch and it felt like someone shot me in the back of the head,” Michaels said during a July interview. “I was in incredible pain. I knew immediately to go to the hospital. I asked the doctor how bad it was and he told me that my two daughters should come to the hospital.”
Michaels was fortunate to survive the surgery. During a news conference, Dr. Joseph Zabramski said that ‘he is just one of those lucky people.’
Who would have ever guessed that one-time snotty punk rockers Green Day would become Broadway stars? But it happened. The band’s rock opera ‘American Idiot,’ is a massive hit on the Great White Way. You never know what can happen in music and that covers the good, the bad and the bizarre.

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