Get Tickets Early For Must See Shows

Sometimes in life you have to move quickly. When tickets go on sale for Chris Cornell’s show April 10 at the Keswick Theater, it would be a good idea to score tickets quickly.

Cornell is embarking on his first ever-solo acoustic tour. The ‘Songbook’ jaunt goes back over songs from throughout his illustrious career, as well as a few choice covers.

Cornell, who recently reunited with Soundgarden, can draw from that well or from his years with Audioslave, Temple of the Dog and then there is his solo material.

Cornell might not be around for awhile once the tour is completed. He recently announced that he will produce and write music for James Franco’s directorial debut, ‘Beyond Good and Evil.’ So it’ll be a good idea to catch this special show.

The leather lunged vocalist, who has a non-paralleled range, is a thoughtful, fascinating character, who is certain to spin yarns in this setting. Who knows what he’ll render but it’s evident that the show will be sold out in minutes.

Act quickly or you’ll be scrambling for tickets like Jayhawks fans, who may miss out on the band’s show Saturday at the TLA. The concert has been sold out not long after tickets were put on sale.

The show, which will focus on the recently reissued classic Jayhawks discs ‘Hollywood Town Hall’ and ‘Tomorrow The Green Grass.’ The original lineup is back for a brief tour. It’ll be a memorable show. The Jayhawks didn’t get the attention Cornell received during the Clinton era but the group was one of the finest of that time. Gary Louris and Marc Olson are a pair of tremendous singer-songwriters. They’re good on their own but they had something special together in a band that splintered prematurely.




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