Yosi and the Superdads Deliver Kid Rock

Yosi Levin and the Superdads live up to their moniker. The children’s pop group is energetic, engaging and offer intelligent, catchy rock.
However, Levin believes his audience is the group that’s truly super as he gushes about playing for the five and under set.
“I think that age of kids is just the best,” Levin said. “It’s the happiest audience you’ll ever play for. They don’t judge anyone. If they want to get up to dance, they just get up to dance. The greatest thing is to perform to an audience like this.”
Children’s entertainment just fell into Levin’s lap. Levin, who is the father of a 17, 14 and an 8-year old, brought a guitar into his eldest child’s pre-school in Central Jersey a dozen years ago.
“It went over so well that they asked me to keep coming back,” Levin said. “I ended up playing parties and it hit me that I was on to something.”
The Israel native, who moved to New Jersey 30 years ago, balanced children’s music with his regular gig, which was toiling as a mental health therapist. He left that career to focus on music full-time seven years ago.
“It’s a lot more joyful,” Levin said. “I just enjoy this so much. Now that my youngest is eight, all of my children are past the type of songs I’m singing. It’s amazing how quickly they all grow up. But I’m happy singing to other people’s children. It’s a great time for me and for the kids.”
It’s also a great time for the Superdads, who will perform with Yosi Saturday at the World Café Live.
Guitarist Jammin’ Joe, keyboardist Billy The Kid’s Dad and drummer Super Steve will deliver their turbo-charged kids show in the morning.
“That’s often the time that makes the most sense,” Levin said. “You do what you have to do. But it doesn’t matter to me when we play. What matters to me is entertaining the children. I just want to go out and give the finest performance that I can give. This is the greatest gig in the world. You can’t beat writing and singing songs for kids. You go up there and perform and they instantly let you know how they feel. It’s really wonderful.”


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