Get Ready For the Stones in 2012

It’s never too early to plan an incredibly huge and lavish tour. The word is that the Rolling Stones are already working out details for their 50th anniversary jaunt, which would be roadworthy in 2012.
Mick and Keith are reportedly writing new tunes for an album that would accompany the tour. One can only imagine how much tickets would cost for such an event. Top tickets to the band’s last tour were at $475.
But the Stones somehow have improved with age. During the ‘70s, they delivered their share of sloppy shows but ‘the greatest rock n’ roll band in the world’ has wowed capacity crowds with some exceptional performances over the last generation.
Speaking of aging rock heavyweights, who still put on a great show, the word is that Paul McCartney will return to North America in 2011. It’s uncertain whether he’ll make it back to Philadelphia, where he played two soldout nights in August at the Wells Fargo Center. But there is no concern about McCartney and his conditioning as he revved through a pair of three-hour shows without a hitch.


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