Glee Fans Should Flock to Bucks County Friday Night

When Evan Powell started singing in glee clubs in Junior High six years ago, he had no idea he would be part of a happening group or trend. He also had no clue where such an act would take him.
The Central Bucks East alum, who sings bass and delivers vocal percussion for the Beelzebubs, an all-male a capella group from Tufts University, has been on quite a ride.
The ‘Bubs are nationally known behind the microphone courtesy of their second place finish in NBC’s ‘Sing Off’ in 2009. The group also provides arrangements and vocals for the Fox uber-hit ‘Glee.’ Their work will be featured on the forthcoming album, ‘Glee The Music: Presents the Warblers,’ which will drop in mid-April.
“It’s been amazing,” Powell said during a telephone interview from Boston. “It’s been a tremendous experience. We loved doing ‘Sing Off.’ We spent a month out in Los Angeles and it was so great meeting people like Ben Folds, who was one of the judges. We got to go to dinner with him and meet some of the people from ‘The Office,’ like BJ Novak. It was so cool.”
Powell, who is studying International Finance, didn’t expect any other high profile network television gigs after ‘Sing Off.’ However, the former member of the CB East choir received a call from the producers of ‘Glee’ out of the blue.
“I was sitting in class one day and I noticed that I was getting a bunch of calls with Los Angeles numbers,” Powell said. “Like a good student, I didn’t pick up but when I listened to the voicemails, I was thrilled. We’ve had so much fun working with ‘Glee.’ We love to sing.”
The ‘Bubs, which was established at Tufts in 1962, will sing Friday at CB East. Powell, who is also the ‘Bubs business manager booked the show. “The CB East choir performed up here when I was a freshman,” Powell said. “I called (CB East choir director Scott) Mr. Teschner and set it up. It’s going to be a fun evening. We’re all really looking forward to singing there.”
A portion of the profits will go to the American Red Cross to aid in the Japan relief effort.
Powell, who moved to Buckingham with his family during the ninth grade, has some interesting options when he graduates from Tufts next year. Will he leave music behind to pursue a career in finance or will he combine his love of music and interest in the business? It appears the answer is the latter. “This past year I discovered that I really love the music business,” Powell said. “I negotiated the contracts with Fox. It was really satisfying. I think I’m going to try and get an internship with a record label. It makes sense since I love music.”


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