Dropkick Murphys Perfect To Play After Rugby Battle


       A dropkick is used for the kick off in rugby so it’s apt that the Dropkick Murphys will perform after the USA Sevens rugby championship game Saturday at the PPL.
    However, guitarist Tim Brennan admits he’s not completely up to date with rugby.
    “I don’t know much about rubgy,” Brennan said. “My college (Assumption University in Worcester, MA) didn’t have a rugby team but I think we’ll be fine.”
      The Dropkick Murphys know a thing or two about playing after sporting events. The Boston based band has performed a number of times on the hallowed ground of Fenway Park, home of its beloved Red Sox. The band’s version of ‘Tessie’ became the theme of the Sox squad, which killed the 86-year old ‘Curse of the Bambino’ in 2004.
        “That was incredible,” Brennan said while calling from his Boston home. “We love our Sox and baseball. It’s fun playing shows after events but it can go either way. In Boston, if we play after a game, the crowd is enthusiastic. But when we play on the road after a sporting event some people want to hear what we’re about and some don’t. So it’s a 50-50 chance things will work out for us in Philadelphia since I’m sure a lot of people won’t know who we are. It’s different at our shows since everyone knows us and most of the crowd sings along with us. That’s a totally different situation. A lot of people might be checking us out for the first time at the show in Philly. They get a taste of what this band is all about.”
    The Dropkick Murphys is about making consistent, passionate Celtic-flavored punk rock.
     ‘Going Out in Style,’ the latest Dropkick Murphys’ release is well worth experiencing. It’s a concept album featuring the fictional character Cornelius Larkin. The album tells the story of a gruff, hard-living, charismatic Irish immigrant. The dramatic cuts are celebratory odes to the life and death of Larkin. It’s one fiery, earnest track after another.
      “We didn’t try to make a concept album,” Brennan said. “When we were writing the songs, we found that we had a common thread and the concept theme just happened organically. The last thing we wanted to do was make an ‘American Idiot’ style story but it just went the way it went.”
      Expect a raucous performance regardless of the venue or crowd. “We only know how to play one way,” Brennan said. “We can’t control the crowd but we can control what we do. We go all out every time we play. I think that should work for a rugby crowd. We’ll just have to see how it goes.”


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