The Return Of The Indigo Girls



A longtime pop-rock act, which was born in Georgia, recently called it quits. That band was R.E.M., not the Indigo Girls.

The latter, which formed in 1985, shows no sign of slowing down. The Indigo Girls, which will perform Tuesday at the Keswick Theater, is touring behind its 12th album, ‘Beauty Queen Sister,’ which dropped last Tuesday

“I guess we’re never going away,” vocalist-guitarist Amy Ray said while calling from Greensboro, NC. “We’ll do solo records and tour but there will always be something on tap for us. There’s always that mental awareness that this is a constant partnership. We might take a year off. We might take time to work on an album but we’ll always get back together to work on something and tour.”

The Indigo Girls, which also includes vocalist-guitarist Emily Saliers, took their time with their latest album, a moody project with a collection of disparate folk-rock songs. Ray believes the tunes stand on their own due to producer Peter Collins.

“Peter is great because he’s honest and unsparing,” Ray said. “After I handed over the songs he told me a few times, ‘this is not your best work, you can do better.’ So I went back and started over. He challenged me but it’s very comfortable for us working with him since he’s a friend. I don’t mind being challenged. I want an album to include my best songs.”

According to Ray, expect the Indigo Girls to play 70 percent of their new album.  “We’re excited about the material,” Ray said. “So we’ll air it out. But we’ll also do plenty of other songs. We’ll play what we feel like playing and I imagine they’ll be some requests.”

Expect the Indigo Girls to part ways for a period after the tour. Ray is working on an album and Saliers co-owns a restaurant.

“I think it’s so healthy the way we do things,” Ray said. “We don’t live in the same town and we have our own sets of friends. We don’t suffocate each other. We give each other space and maybe that’s why there’s no thought of breaking up. It also helps that there is just two of us in the Indigo Girls. We enjoy what we have immensely and expect us to be around for years to come. There really is no reason to stop.”







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