Bruce Hornsby Comes Back To The Area With A Special Guest

If anyone is confused about what Bruce Hornsby is about, pick up ‘Bride of the Noisemakers.’ The entertaining double live disc, which features recordings captured between 2007 and 2009, covers the essence of the eclectic vocalist-pianist.
Perhaps casual fans view Hornsby as a laidback middle-of-the-road pop tunesmith with a message but Hornsby is much more than that.
The soft-spoken Hornsby, 57, is an adventurous player, who is adept at delivering rock, classical, country, jazz and pop without blinking an eye. It’s all there on ‘Bride of the Noisemakers.’ There is the poignant, the literate and the joyous. There are few like the ambitious Hornsby, who has followed his heart throughout a fruitful 30-year career.
“I write and perform what moves me,” Hornsby said during a telephone interview from York, PA. “I’ve pushed my music into new areas and sometimes I’ve left certain audience members behind but I can’t be bothered worrying about that. I’m a different person than I was when I was 26.”
Hornsby enjoyed considerable commercial success thanks to such hit singles as ‘The Way It Is,’ ‘Mandolin Rain’ and ‘Valley Road’ during the ‘80s.
However, none of those tunes made ‘Bride of the Noisemakers.’ That doesn’t mean that Hornsby won’t play those songs when he performs Saturday at the Keswick Theater.
“I will play songs from across the board at the Keswick,” Hornsby said. “I’ll take requests from fans and have some fun. Just know that I’ll play quite a range of songs.”
There are some tracks that Hornsby won’t deliver such as the minor hit ‘Every Little Kiss,’ which was co-written at the dawn of his career with younger brother John Hornsby.
“That song just didn’t age well,” Hornsby said. “I’m not a sentimental guy and I’m not holding on to everything. You won’t hear that song when I come in.”
However, you will hear selections from ‘Red Hook Summer,’ which is the soundtrack to the forthcoming Spike Lee film, which will hit screens later this year.  “I love what Spike does,” Hornsby said. “He’s another guy who does what moves him.”
Hornsby noted that the Keswick show will be a little different. “That’s because I’ll have a special surprise guest sitting in with me,” Hornsby said.
There is a strong possibility that Hornsby will be back by summer. His play ‘Stranger’ might open in Philadelphia. “That’s a possibility,” Hornsby said. “We’ll see what happens but it would be cool since the Philadelphia area has been good to me. I like it there a lot.”


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