Adele May Go On Hiatus

There was no surprise when Adele dominated the Grammys Sunday night but fans are taken aback by her comments in the current issue of Vogue.

The British diva, who recently recovered from vocal surgery, says she’s going to take five-years off in order to be happy.

Well, that might be great for Adele’s personal life but not so good for her professional side. If she does carry out her plan, then she says goodbye to her 20s, which is typically the most productive era for any musician.

It’s difficult to refute that most great music was crafted by those in their third decade. You can still make great music after hitting the big 3-0 but when you look at the best work of the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Pearl Jam, The Replacements and The Clash, well, it’s apparent when their finest songs were written and recorded.

My top ten albums of last year was comprised of recording artists in their 20s. A critic friend, who is nearly a senior citizen sent me a list he made, ‘the 50 best albums by those over 50’ for 2011. None of his selections made my top 40-disc list.

Memorable albums can be made after mid-life.  It sounds like Bruce Springsteen is going to remind us of that with his forthcoming ‘Wrecking Ball,’ which drops March 6. Artists such as the Boss, John Prine and Neil Young are examples of those who are oldies but still produce goodies.

It’s just a shame if Adele, who is so gifted takes a break when she is at the height of her creative power.

Hopefully she’ll change her mind since Adele is one of those rarities. She presents music without a gimmick. The full-figured singer belts it out without Auto-Tune. She sings love songs and doesn’t sport revealing clothes and her stage show is comprised of her voice and band. She’s a genuine powerhouse, who would be missed if she went on hiatus.


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