Flags At Half Mast For Whitney

      New Jersey governor Chris Christie has received considerable heat for ordering the state flag to be flown at half-mast to honor the memory of the late singing legend Whitney Houston.
     The Newark, NJ native died over a week ago in Beverly Hills. She was buried Saturday in her native city. Her funeral was broadcast by CNN.
     There has been some outrage over Christie’s decision. A Michigan man burned the Jersey state flag after the governor made his decision.
     Should Houston, who possessed an incredible voice, been given such an honor, considering her widely reported battle with drugs and alcohol?
     Well, the debate is on. Regardless, she is receiving the same treatment that late E Street Band saxophonist Clarence Clemons received after he passed away in June.
      Houston was not in the military or a civil servant who passed but in case you haven’t noticed. We love our pop icons even if they are as flawed as Houston. We can’t get enough of whatever they do. We’ll buy copies of magazines with photos of our favorite stars changing a tire on Mulholland drive.
      What Christie did should hardly take anyone aback. Singers, actors and other notable entertainers are adored so it’s hardly surprising that Houston’s funeral was covered as if she were the President.
    Also, I couldn’t help but wonder if Kevin Costner, who delivered a eulogy, had much contact with Houston after completing their film ‘The Bodyguard.’ But there he was waxing about Whitney.
     The big deal though isn’t the flag at half mast or Costner’s appearance at her funeral. It’s just so sad that Houston expired at 48.

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