Clarence Bucaro On The Rise

Clarence Bucaco looks like one of those fresh-faced musicians just on to the scene but the gifted singer-songwriter has been around and under the radar for a decade.

His debut release ‘Sweet Corn,’ dropped in 2002 but the folksy, bluesy offering didn’t receive much attention even though the gritty, earnest cuts deserved notice.

The same could be said for 2004’s ‘Sense Of Light,’ when Bucaro took it to another level by crafting darker, rootsy Americana, which smacked of Ryan Adams.

‘New Orleans,’ which dropped in 2009 was a critical darling but the fans failed to get wind of Bucaro even though the jazzy retro ‘New Orleans’ should have done the trick.

Perhaps that will change with the release of ‘Walls of The World,’ which dropped Tuesday. Bucaro, who will showcase the new cuts Thursday at the Tin Angel, has

constructed a soulful, earnest collection of songs.

“I try and just hit with my best every time,” Bucaro said. “I can only focus on what I can control which is the music. I write and record and then go on tour. I just do the best that I possibly can when I make the album and then I go on the road and just have fun with the songs and those who turn out at the shows.”

Bucaro has always been adept at writing literate, soulful songs, which are often beautiful and can’t help but stand out.

“Not everybody writes like I do,” Bucaro said. “I’m not trying to copy what anyone is doing or jumping on a trend. I just want to make music that moves me. I try to just stay true to myself.”

Bucaro is a playful, engaging performer. “I just go up and have as much fun as I can,” Bucaro said. “It’s pretty simple to me.”


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