Coldplay’s Hot Show Hits South Philly


       It’s a visual world for acts on a scale with Coldplay. Eye candy was ubiquitous when England’s biggest band kicked off a two-night set at a soldout Wells Fargo Center Thursday night.
    The band, which will perform Friday night at the South Philly arena, played before five giant video screens. Lights and lasers more than complemented what the band delivered. ‘Xylobands’ were given to concertgoers. The wireless bands lit up in a spectrum of colors at certain points of the evening. The glitz was nice but it wasn’t the reason to venture to the arena.
       Coldplay’s melodic and often moving songs stole the show.
   Coldplay, led by vocalist-pianist Chris Martin, mixed songs from its latest album, the terrific ‘Mylo Xyloto,’ with tunes from its preceding four releases.
     Some of the new tunes are among Martin’s finest work. ‘Paradise,’ the hit from the latest disc is right up there with Coldplay’s smash ‘Viva La Vida.’
        Martin is hardly Bob Dylan when it comes to lyrics but he has a way with a melody. Coldplay’s finest tunes, such as ‘Yellow’ ‘Clocks’ and ‘The Scientist’ are filled with hooks that get stuck in your head.
       The band doesn’t have much more brawn live but fans of well-constructed pop songs can’t help but groove to Coldplay live. The band gives its audience what it wants, terrific pop tunes and some extra, lots of visuals, that are positively superfluous.

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