Grace Potter Returns To Electric Factory Thursday

      Grace Potter has it. That’s what Marc Cohn said after sharing a stage with the vibrant singer-songwriter during a concert that paid tribute to the late Levon Helm last month in North Jersey.
       “There were a lot of prominent people who performed there,” Cohn said. “You had icons like Roger Waters. You had John Mayer and Lucinda Williams but there is something wonderful and indefinable about Grace. She definitely has something.”
     Potter is a leggy, sexy energetic siren, who has a commanding stage presence. The only thing that’s surprising about the blues-rocker is that she and her band, the Nocturnals, which will perform Thursday at the Electric Factory, haven’t gone through the stratosphere yet.
       “That’s something that we can’t control,” Potter said. “All we can do is keep on doing what we’ve been doing.”
     The band has yet to record that elusive smash hit. But in the meantime the act, which opened stadiums for Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw, has mad potential.
     Potter is a dynamic singer, who plays the keyboards. She is from a small town in Vermont but the world is getting in on the secret.
      “It’s been a nice, steady build for us,” Potter said. “
The freewheeling band delivers dramatic, passionate pop–rock and an energetic live show.
     “We love to play out,” Potter said. “That’s been our thing since we formed.”
     Potter and the Nocturnals have played 200 plus shows a year since 2006.
    “The only way to get better is to hone your craft,” Potter said. “We’re out there as much as we can to become the best live band we can be.”
    The band is touring behind its third studio album, ‘The Lion The Beast The Beat,’ which dropped in June. The new Potter tunes are huge sounding, sensual and surprising.
      Dan Auerbach of Black Keys fame helps by co-writing a few of the most affecting songs with Potter, such as ‘The Loneliest Soul,’ which is a moving, Doors-esque cut. Auerbach and Potter also connect on the catchy ‘Never Go Back’ and the urgent ‘Runaway.’
      “It’s good to change things up album to album and do something different,” Potter said. “You have to up the ante each time or at least try to.”
     Potter has fun in the studio but if she had her druthers, she would rather be on stage.
“I love it,” Potter said. “I’m all about audience interaction. We feed off of it. Our fans are never in their seats. Our shows are like a thriller of a movie.

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