Catch The Starting Line




When The Starting Line went their separate ways in 2009, it was uncertain when or if the Philadelphia band would reunite.

But when the ten-year anniversary of their debut disc, 2002’s ‘Say It Like You Mean It,’ arrived in July, the pop-punk band was urged to reform.

“We initially were resistant,” vocalist-bassist Kenny Vasoli said while calling from his Willow Grove home. “There seemed to be a big trend of bands getting back together to mark certain albums. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do that. I never thought of our first album as being this classic album but that’s how some people think of it. That record obviously means a lot to some people and so we thought, ‘why not, let’s get back together.”

‘Say It Like You Mean It’ is comprised of urgent, rousing, catchy tunes. The Starting Line, which also includes guitarists Matt Watts and Mike Golla, keyboardist Brian Schmutz and drummer Tom Gryskiewicz, will deliver cuts from ‘Say It’ and the act’s other four albums.

“It really is pretty wild that we’re filed under nostalgia music,” Vasoli said. “It reminds me of how much fun we had back in the day. I remember when we went on tour with Taking Back Sunday (in 2002) and we would be getting wasted and going to strip clubs and stealing stripper’s dresses. It was fun. So fans can relive their memories of us with our music and we’re having fun playing the old songs but we’re also having a blast just going back and revisiting things through our memories. We really had a good time together.”

When the members of The Starting Line left for other projects in 2009, it was hardly an acrimonious split. “We toured like crazy during our ten years together,” Vasoli said. “We were just sick of each other but now that’s all changed. We’re all friends and getting back together has energized us.”

After doing some light touring, there’s talk of a new Starting Line album.

“We’re having conversations about it,” Vasoli said. “We’re talking about writing new material, which is a good thing.”

But Vasoli is part of Vacationer and each of the other members is working on projects as well. “I think we’ll figure out how we can do more as The Staring Line,” Vasoli said. “We’re having fun with each other and looking forward to the shows at the Electric Factory. This reminds me of when we played our first show at the Trocadero (in 2001) opening for The Juliana Theory, which was one of our favorite bands. We had a great time together and we’re having fun again, which is what it’s all about.”




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