It’s Worth Checking Out Hope Concert

Bobby Bandiera has a heart of gold. The Bonjovi guitarist puts together the annual Hope Concert, a show at the Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank, New Jersey, that benefits hospitals fighting cancer in New Jersey. Jon Bonjovi, Southside Johnny, Ben E. King and Gary U.S. Bonds are some of the acts committed. Bruce Springsteen sometimes caps the epic concert, which is as laid-back as a living room scene. If you have time, travel to Red Bank Sunday night for an event you’ll never forget.


Orion Festival Will Return in 2013

The Orion Festival will return in 2013 but not to Atlantic City. Detroit will host the fest, which will be headlined by curators Metallica. No word on the lineup. There was hope that the event would return to AC.

Armageddon On The Horizon

Some believe the Mayans are correct and that the world ends tomorrow. Paging Darren Daulton. GWAR is playing a GWARmadgeddon show in Virginia. “It’s all over,” vocalist Oderus Urungus said. “All that will exist is me. Sorry about that everyone. You have don’t have much time to live but I will go on forever.”

A Special Yes Tour Is On Tap

Yes has announced that it will tour next year and render three albums in order, ‘The Yes Album,’ Close To The Edge’ and ‘Going For The One.’ Expect an area date in April.

Scary Stalker Story

After a show, a fan of Johnette Napolitano of Concrete Blonde introduced himself as ‘the assassin.’ That justifiably freaked out Napolitano, who is cooling it when it comes to meet and greets. Creepy stuff, especially in light of what happened in Connecticut. Hopefully it inspires a song and nothing more.

Killers Show Tonight In Camden Postponed

The Killers show tonight at the Susquehanna Bank Center has been postponed due to illness. Hold on to the tickets. The band will announce a new date soon.

Trey Songz Speaks About Jovan Belcher Murder

After experiencing a Trey Songz show in Kansas City two weeks ago, Kassandra Perkins was gunned down by her boyfriend Jovan Belcher. The Kansas City Chiefs starting linebacker, who thought Perkins was having an affair with Songz, took his own life after killing the mother of his three-month old child.

“It hurt my heart to know that the night she saw me was the last night of her life,” Songz said. “A friend told me that I was the last performer she saw perform and that hit me deeply. I never met her but she loved my music and it’s just so sad. What happened with him (Belcher) is what I call the spin cycle. People spinning out of control.”